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Sunday, April 30, 2006

The long and the short of it...

My Tapco stock for my SKS arrived on Friday so I did find a little time to get it installed. Its a straight installation with just the smallest bit of filing on the back of the stock to clear the Mil-Tec sight. you might notice that the original wood handguard is still installed. I tried to get the pin out of the original handguard and gas tube but that tiny sucker doesn't seem to be coming out. I've emailed Tapco asking if I can buy a new gas tube with the tan handguard, hopefully I'll get an answer this week. Otherwise, the new stock is perfect and I really like it.

You might also notice that magazine sticking out of the hand grip of the Kel-Tec, note that its sticking out... That's a new magazine, from the gunshow. It takes 30 rounds to fill that magazine! I already had plenty of magazines, 132 rounds worth, now I can load more than three boxes of ammo for that little critter.

I also saw the latest version, the Sub-2000 from Kel-Tec at the gunshow. All the receiver parts that are aluminum on my Sub-9 are machined plastic on the new model, including some pretty rough grip panels. I certainly like my alloy model better.

I can't wait for a trip to the desert for some shooting!

UPDATE: Disregard that date on the gun picture- the stupid batteries died so hard in my camera that it lost all its settings and I didn't take the time to fix it.

ANOTHER UPDATE: I did manage to remove the pin from the SKS handguard after a tiny amount of dremeling and a bit of drilling on the drillpress. Now I need a new pin... I've also ground off the molded scope rail on the handguard and sanded everything down flat and smooth. Once I find some 3/32" drill rod to make a new pin with, I will finish the installation job.

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